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We’re different! Other digital marketing companies may offer a menu of services. offer a complete marketing system running a collection of services to get your more customers. It generally takes 5-6 brand exposures for your customers to act. By running a collection of services, all working together, we get your brand in front of potential customers for maximum brand exposure!

Search Engine Marketing

Get your business to the top of Google’s search results

Search Engine Marketing

Is your competition out-ranking you? Your customers turn to search engines like Google when looking for a home services company. We make sure you’re there!

Social Media Advertising

Advertising where your customers spend their time online.

Social Media Advertising

Get on the world’s largest social platform. After customers visit your website, we remind them to give you a call or get an online quote while they’re using Facebook and browsing the Web.

Display & Retargeting

Ads that follow your customers when they're online.

Display & Retargeting

Studies show it takes 5-6 brand exposures before your customers will act. After they visit your website, we show ads to these potential customers for the next 30 days.

YouTube Video Advertising

Get a professional TV commercial running on YouTube

YouTube Video Advertising

Ever wanted your own TV commercial for your business? After customers visit your website, we show them your TV commercial while they watch YouTube.

Online Review Management

Reputation is everything... we help you maintain it

Online Review Management

80% of customers read online reviews. We make it easy for customers to post reviews and intercept any negative reviews before they are posted online forever!

Call Tracking, Analytics & Reporting

Know how many phone calls your website generates

Call Tracking and Reporting

How effective is your advertising? We track every customer action to show you your return. Finally, you can see how many phone calls you get from your website.

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Who Are Your Marketing Experts?

Steven J Rivard, Director of Customer Solutions

Steve has over 15 years experience working in the advertising industry and connecting Canadian households with global brands, such as Martha Stewart Living, Victoria’s Secret and more. Steve will work to understand your company’s needs, and how to get the best results with our marketing system.

Paul J Coulter, Director of Digital Strategy

Paul has 23 years experience in the digital marketing industry and has developed hundreds of websites and digital marketing campaigns for small businesses and some of Canada’s largest companies, including Scotiabank, PayPal Canada, and the Toronto Star. Paul will leverage this experience to develop the most effective digital marketing solution for your business.

RonaldoRonaldo Baho, Senior Sales Associate

With his calm and cool demeanor, Ronaldo helps with the outreach for new business opportunities and to raise awareness of our customer acquisition system.

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